Happy Jake Wrote:
Feb 08, 2013 12:57 PM
Deflection - n. The act of proposing an irrelevant argument in order to distract from the real issue. (Sentence: The Left frequently uses DEFLECTION in debates). See also: Straw Man. So everyone knows: the Liberals posting here do know what the article says. They know perfectly well that this is merely a comparison between the "Sarah Palin made him do it" screaching when the perp's political leanings aren't Stalinist, and the utter silence on those occasions where they are. (Look up coverage about Harlan James Drake). Liberals: No one blames you, or Obama, or the SPLC, or the ACLU, or Chairman Mao, or Kim Il Sung, or Vladimir Lenin, or Karl Marx for this nutjob's crimes. We blame the nutjob.