dcooper Wrote:
Feb 08, 2013 12:32 PM
HISTORY OF RETRO ACTIVE IMMUNITY IN THE UNITED STATES 1. given for illegal merger of six large banks in 1965 (we can see the effects of that now) 2. given for unconstitutional use of torture 3. given to telecom company for illegal wire taps. (Fisa bill that led to the patriot act) 4. given to Los Angeles Superior Court Judges for taking bribes. (SBX211) Please sign petition to repeal Senate Bill SBX211 Retro Active Immunity for illegal payments to judges. Ted Kennedy back in 1965 in regards to the illegal merger of six large banks. Quote: “”The very idea of “retroactive immunity” for lawbreaking corporations is so radical, so repugnant to the most basic principles of the “rule of law,””