loadstar Wrote:
Feb 07, 2013 12:34 PM
Congressman Gary Miller (R, Calif.) has calculated that Mexifornia ALONE is spending $10.5 BILLION a year in direct costs supporting its ILLEGAL aliens. That is > half of the state's budget shortfall. The indirect costs like bilingual dysfunction and barrio blight are incalculable, but surely immense. Still sound like "cheap labor" anyone?! Taxes are so high that producers are abandoning the state, leaving behind the Hispanic takers, who are about to predominate. But Mexifornia does NOT have a revenue problem-- it has a monstrous SPENDING problem. Sound familiar? Mexifornia IS our canary in the coal mine...but too few see that the canary has already died there. Poor, ignorant, culturally disparate, low aptitude Hispanics will RUIN US!