Joan362 Wrote:
Feb 07, 2013 11:25 AM
Amen! Except for a handful of Republican politicians the rest are either RINO's or wimps and cave into the Democrats. Along with Rove, Boehner should go. We need tough conservatives who are not afraid to stand up for Conservatism. Saying that is living in dreamland - as long as politicians can live on the dole of taxpayers i.e. insider trading, lobbyist bribes, excluding themselves from bills such as Obamacare, raising their own salaries and pensions - and all are now millionaires..why bother? The Repulican party cannot even address the illegitimacy of Obama even after Sheriff Joe found his birth certificate to be a forgery - his Social Secuirty numbers a forgery - what about Fast and Furious and Benghazie - where are the Republicans?