Searlas Wrote:
Feb 07, 2013 9:32 AM
Bullying of any kind is bad, and boys who are singled out for abuse because they are weak or (seemingly) effeminate deserve sympathy. But that doesn't mean that overt sexual conduct of *any* kind should be permitted among unmarried adolescents. What should be done in the case of an Eagle-Scout candidate who gets his girlfriend pregnant, panics, talks her into aborting their unborn child, and then deeply regrets it? I don't know...The kid who admits that he experiences same-sex attraction but is trying to deal with it? I'd say: Give him a break. But homosexual lobby's agenda is quite different. It is: "'Morally straight'? Forget it!" *That's* what the debate is really about, and the future of the Boy Scouts now depends on the outcome.