Drifter33 Wrote:
Feb 07, 2013 5:32 AM
Panda, Many of us aren't "too stupid" to realize the rift in the party. The trouble is that the (alleged) "leadership" doesn't have a clue. The rift exists BECAUSE of the (alleged) "leadership" of the party--thousands have bolted the party as a sort of "No Confidence" vote in the leadership. --How many stayed home on election day to "protest" the direction of the party? --Why should the "rank-and-file" follow the "leadership" in a direction they don't want to go? It is the leaders' job to create a coalition--to create that "big tent". Leaders must inspire; they must educate; they must teach--and the current GOP "leadership" is clearly not up to those basic leadership tasks--much less espousing conservative principles.