laruman Wrote:
Feb 06, 2013 11:23 PM
Truth, facts, none of this matters anymore. FREE STUFF is the only thing that matters. We preach responsibility, duty, hard WORK and truth but the problem is we say WORK. Dems say "stay on the sofa" and LIVE off OP$ (other peoples $). All they have to do is VOTE DEM for cradle to grave govt FREEBIES. 95 degrees outside and much hotter on 4 asphalt parking lots all over my town where they handed out FREE GOVT cell phones, all you needed was govt ID card. This problem is NOT OVER. The next Dem Prez will to hand out freebies on a larger scale and clean R's clock. You big wigs better FIGURE out a WAY to fight FREE STUFF or America is BURNT toast, I PRAY it is NOT too LATE already for my grand kids.