Mike14760 Wrote:
Feb 06, 2013 12:20 PM
It is amazing how such welleducated people are so stupid and that includeds Gen Dempsy and Col McSally, they are so stupid they couldn't pour urine out of a boot even if the directions were on the heal as my old German Grandfather used to say. There is a big difference between driving an A10 and being a infintryman or field artilleryman, let alone Seals, Green Barets or othe special operation groups. All these jobs require a lot of strength and endurance which very few many have. In field artilldery you are talking about unhooking a howitzer from the truck which weighs more than 400 pounds at the pintle. It also requirers lifting and carrying a 95 pound projectile for long periods of time. I know I was a Marine Artillery Btrymn.