hirben Wrote:
Feb 06, 2013 4:32 AM
Maybe RP read Kyles book, was very against what he'd done in Iraq, so RP referenced a bible quote in response to this bizzare story. What about all of the lies, slander, that've been leveled against Ron Paul ? Treasonous disregard for RP's call for the US Senate, House, White House, Fed-Courts to follow the US Constitution, stop being Corrupt-Criminals ! I'm not defending Ron Paul's statement on this incident. He might be right, wrong, somewhere in between. I'm defending Ron Paul's overall record, saying that he's always condemned anything related to perpetrating the illegal-ME-wars. So why react as if he's not said things like this before, "Mishaps to soldiers who participate in illegal-immoral-drawn-out-ME-wars might be related !"