hirben Wrote:
Feb 06, 2013 4:21 AM
1st of all he's a US soldier suffering with PTSD not a stranger to the 2 victims, this wasn't pre-meditated, unless they're not telling us "something" about the case. He obviously realizes the punishment that he'll be recieving, So what's with your big-revenge-speech against the freak who did this terrible crime, he was one of ours too according to the 2 victims. There's not very much justice to be had, when a PTSD afflicted man causes the loss of 2 valuable military men trying to help him. Ron Paul has always been against the Corrupt-Criminal ME wars, so since this is a bizarre case happening in the US far away from the battlefield. Is it so unusual for a consistent-anti-illegal-ME-wars-politician to comment about the story this way ?