Feb 06, 2013 1:21 AM
Pal it is Na Yaaarrrk Cops on the take***It aint '' BLUE BLOODS'' AS ON TV. De ball game, Pizza, spegetti, La zonia, Sheasports, AND WHERZE WEZ GONNA EATS DINNER TA NITE??? NewYork City stinks!!! Fat NY cops will place your application at the bottom of the heap; And can"t give one to Charlie Schumer quick enough. In NY grass is something you smoke***Cut grass is done with dog manure --In the south is done with a lawnmower. Singer ---The late Dean Martin once said "I feel sorry for folks that do not drink----Cause that is as good as they are gonna feel all day long" The same senerio for New Yorkers. Been there one time and I will never go there again.