MilosM Wrote:
Feb 06, 2013 12:38 AM
Ah me. July 4, 1776, brave Americans declare "Independence Day" and fight a war for their freedom. November 6, 2012, duped Americans, without so much as a slap fight, willingly vote that freedom away, essentially declaring..."Dependence Day". And you sir are one of those duped souls...and sadly, an ill informed racist on top of it. And just in case you are of African descent, take a visit to the African American Art Museum at the National Mall, where you'll find an African adage of interest (if it has not been removed by order of Obama).....quote "the food belongs to the one who owns it, not to the one who is hungry". (Oops, likely beyond your ability to understand!). No, not a direct response to this article, just your stupidity.