Incredulous2 Wrote:
Feb 05, 2013 10:54 PM
I so admire and pine for all U.S. citizens to be as informed and engaged as this beautiful man. There is so much we could all engage in in being active participants in our own governance. But it is just that type engagement and knowledge of our individual rights that the Dem/Prog/Lib cabal so vigorously wish to cloud, smear, denigrate and tarnish. By so doing, the cabal can then squash everyone's individuality and uniqueness into a paste of subserviant acquiescense to whatever the "ruling" elites of the cabal deem "cool" or "hip" or simply and most predominantly the enthrallment with nihilism this wretched cabal so lovingly embraces. We, you and I, and most certainly Mr.Ong are this republics best hope for continued freedom and growth.