swawrzynek Wrote:
Feb 05, 2013 9:39 PM
Our local, Genesee county, EDC, gave a LARGE WNY Veterinary practice, a HUGE break, on a new building they are erecting and the practice they are taking over. It was related to 4 New Jobs, being created. Readem and weep ! They are now advertising for Part-time JOBS ! In fact, they held the public hearing, and the ground-breaking on the SAME DAY. THEY JUST GAVE, THEMSELVES, OVER 10 percent wage increases and our County Legislature, APPROVED IT. Don't let the ^%#* door hit ya in your %&$#*, as more people MOVE out. It is the EDC's JOB, to create Jobs. What is Genesee Counties Population today, VS. 10 years ago? How many JOBS, have been CREATED ? How many JOBS, have we lost? Loew's? Answer that, Annie Lawrence !