Everett39 Wrote:
Feb 05, 2013 1:39 PM
Apparently you missed the Senate hearing, or are happy with Hagel's stumbling, bumbling, unprepared fiasco of a testimony, from a man who is up for an important position, responsible for implementing a proper defense posture and policy for the USA. Or is that your idea, that such a man take this position, and be happy that he is the right man for the job ? Even some dems were not so happy with him. . . Wow, I have not heard that old lib talking point about Haliburton for a while - and sometimes, defending your country from aggression is not always a pretty, pain-free process. And I doubt that any dictator or leader could have kept Iran 'in check', as you said. .and do you recall how Hussein invaded Kuwait after fighting Iran for 8 years ?