Keihn Wrote:
Feb 05, 2013 7:28 AM
Yeswecan: I was just going to post when "ta-da" there you already were. Anyway, I'm going to post here because I like Ransom's writings and this is a good place. Starting NOW, I will no longer vote for anyone who does not espouse and commit to the Tea Party's dogma. One vote at a time. This is how it will have to begin. The American Communist Party (OOPS!! Meant to say Democratic Party) will never change and the Party that was once the Republican party is moving toward the left and in some cases already there is a dying institution. We must all grow a pair and/to begin the change. It can't get much worse until the change gets here than it is now. If you just want to talk and _itch about it, then writing here is as good a (cont)