TeaPartyPatriot4ever Wrote:
Feb 05, 2013 4:24 AM
How else can one of sane competent intelligent person say this. Ron Paul is a true libertarian nutjob, for which thank God, he never captured the US Presidency. This libertarian nutjob, like so many of the other liberal fascist marxist anti-American nutjobs, ideologs, cultists, etc, like Obama, and his cronycrats, liberal GOP establishment RINOs like Rove and Boehner, all try day in and day out to denigrate, demoralize, trash, and destroy America, Individual Freedom and Liberty, the US Constitution, Free Market Capitalism, Democracy, etc.. It's no wonder why America is in such a dismal, anemic state. These bloodsucking parasites are determined to internally collapse and destroy America the People are determined to defeat them !!