AmyDB Wrote:
Feb 05, 2013 12:07 AM
hiran / USC / the TH cereal spammer drooled....(in part) Kyle should have been more careful around that troubled soldier while at a gun range. ___________ Arsewhole rimming lickspittal. You don't have a friggin clue you puling little maggot. This is what I have found in interacting with people with PTSD. With someone who has PTSD as a results of military service it is not uncommon to use known things or activities to make the connection. Shooting, for an infantryman, a Marine, or another SpecOp, would be a point of connection. As most of you know one of my daughter's suffers from PTSD. I do take her to the range & we do shoot, competing against each other. It _DOES_ help her in her struggle to reconnect with the civilian world.