KathyCanyonwalker Wrote:
Feb 04, 2013 10:30 PM
a collection of your comments from today, quite easy to find if one clicks on your name and further putting my comment in italics: He'll nail anything that moves (and even that's dead.) If Trayvon Martin had a father, he'd look like this "president." This "president" a lawbreaker? Wow, who'da thunk it? Civility? You're lecturing US about civility?! LOL!!!!! You might add SAFELY concealed in dark closets. Homosexual behavior is a real and present public safety threat. Thanks for taking off your mask, Fascist. Discrimination is GOOD! We would all be dead or dying without discrimination. And, no, I'm not being sarcastic."Nothing to see here, move along!" Right, moron?But, again, how do you know that Ayanbadejo isn't homosexual? cont'd