LouisianaMan225 Wrote:
Feb 04, 2013 8:52 PM
Chris, I agree. The Blue Helmets just don't scare me. At all. That rabble has gotten its a$$ handed to it every time they've wound up in the middle of something serious. Few of the European armies are even serious about warfare anymore, and the Fijians, et al. are a bad joke. Home-grown leftist zombies, blue helmets, Chi-Coms. . .if it comes down to it, we will shoot them right off the battlefield. If we run low on ammo or weapons, no problem; we'll take theirs and use them far better than they can. And you're right--it's so hot here down South, Euro blue helmets would melt upon arrival and surrender to get air conditioning. For any hard cases, we just need to ensure there's no daily or season bag limit, and no tagging requirement.