Sooner Wrote:
Feb 04, 2013 5:30 PM
"Dreseden was FiREBOMBED WASNT IT? And none of you even knew of it until I brought it up," -- Yes, Dreseden(sic) was firebombed. I've known about the firebombing of Dresden for quite some time - long before you imparted your knowledge to us, perhaps before you heard of it yourself. Even then, though, I knew that Truman had no hand in it. - The bombings took place in February 1945. - Truman became President in April 1945. Are you seriously implying that Truman usurped Roosevelt's power? Or is it that you have a weak grasp of the facts, a condition which could be remedied with basic research which you neglected to undertake? And if you don't bother to research such basic facts, why are we to take any of your opinions seriously?