NW-Res Wrote:
Feb 04, 2013 4:32 PM
Radley2 wrote: "Hang on middle class.... he is talking about taxing your income. " My point is that he already did. I have 4% less take home from the tax increase BO allowed to happen in January and I am not even close to anything "rich". And let's be clear, it was a tax increase. I don't buy the BS spin the left gives it as being an expiration of the "Bush tax cuts". In reality, those cuts were in place for a decade and I have less take home than I did in December. Taxes go up and down. What happened in January was a tax increase. W. Wilson had the upper income earners paying 90% taxes. So if BO raises the upper end from 36% to 39%, is that a tax increase or a partial expiration of some old tax cut?