Bill258 Wrote:
Feb 03, 2013 5:33 PM
37% of employed U.S. college graduates (5 million) are in jobs that the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests requires less than a 4-year college education. 32.2% of police officers, 24.6% of retail sales people, 23.5% of amusement / recreation attendants, 18% of firefighters, 18% of telemarketers, 16.8% of secretaries / administrative assistants, 17.6% of office clerks, 16.5% of bartenders, 15.4 % of taxi drivers, 14.5% of counter clerks and 12.9% of parking lot attendants have college degrees. 30% of people 25 and older have college degrees. There are insufficient jobs in the U.S. that require the college degrees that people have attained. newsandopinions dot net