NormRx Wrote:
Feb 03, 2013 2:45 PM
The NRA is a one issue organization, GUNS, and that's it. We need democrats that are pro-gun in this fight. More of the NRA's political victory fund money goes to republicans than democrats for the simple reason that more republicans are pro-gun than democrats. If we did not have any pro-gun democrats, we would have been slaughtered in the first two years of Obama's term when he had total control of congress. If you don't like your money going to democrats(and I don't) don't give to the NRA-ILA, but do give to the NRA. You can choose what they do with your money. There are other organizations that you can also join, JPFO, GOA and your various state gun groups. The NRA may not do everything I like, but they are still the 800# gorilla.