MarineGunner Wrote:
Feb 03, 2013 1:12 PM
It is a matter of facing the truth instead of simply parroting myths and revisionist history. 1) It was not a "civil war." 2) It was not fought over slavery. 3) The U.S. attacked the CSA to start the war. 4) The KKK was originally created by CSA veterans to protect their families against Yankee carpet-bagger predators. 1) A civil war is a war within a single nation. The CSA was a separate, legally constituted nation with its own government, currency, and military. 2) Lincoln introduced slavery as a political issue during the war because he was losing the election. 3) Blockading a nations port is a legal act of war. 4) Yankee carpet-baggers were raping the South after the war. CSA vets formed the KKK to protect themselves.