Ginamero Wrote:
Feb 03, 2013 8:44 AM
I've refused the added on 20% when I've had bad service...all the way to the manager. I will not pay it. I do tip for service and large party or no if you ignore me, keep me waiting, don't refill my drink or bring me more drinks, do not clean the used plates from the table ect...well, waitstaff complain that large parties do not tip ....waitstaff think they have a 20% locked in tip so they don't care. That's worse. In Baton Rouge at the Melting Pot we six adults had the worst service and was charged 20% I refused to pay it - the manager and I argued. I told him all about the hideous service and he demanded I pay it. I put cash down for my part and left. I will never pay someone to ignore me. I always carry cash and will pay what I