annfan_777 Wrote:
Feb 03, 2013 7:36 AM
Robert2462 Wrote: 21 hours ago (9:36 AM) "....Yes the womb is a sanctuary, I believe it happens after the fetus is surviving on it's own blood." --------------- The womb does not become a sanctuary at some arbitrary point, and neither does life begin at some arbitrary point. At the moment the egg and sperm combine, a new life is formed, and from that point forward, only time and nutrition are added. Using your bizarre logic, it is ok to invade the womb with knives PRIOR to some arbitrary point, but not after. There's a heartbeat at 18 days, BEFORE a woman even knows she's pregnant. How can a woman abort her baby before she even knows she's pregnant? You can't isolate one verse of the Bible and base your perspective on that.