Gail104 Wrote:
Feb 02, 2013 6:36 PM
Matthews? A delusional liberal suffering from the mental illness that breeds liberals: narcissism. The Great and all mighty left wing. They are soooooooo fabulous, in their own minds. They are above Mother Nature and are so thoughtful that they can save us from nature's flawed ignorance. Nature put canine teeth in our mouths to induce us to eat animal meat and animal fat. Nature is ignorant. The left wing "scientists" inform us that it is "healthier" to eat vegetables, grain and fruit and that we should shun animal fat and meat. The left wing "SAVIORS"! The left wing s"scientists" tell us that there is global warming and that they can "save" us from nature's flaws. WOW! What miracle workers they are! Sing songs praising them and give them m