Donald581 Wrote:
Feb 02, 2013 2:59 PM
In 1948 we were building GI homes. The Carpenters Union tried to fouce us to hire THEIR wannabee carpenters as class A layout carpenters. My Dad a fair man told the goons to bring their so-called class A carpenters to the job site. We built 365 home that year with 75 REAL carpenters. So they bougt 6 men to the job site. My Dad siad to them "If you can KEEP up to me you got the job". The first man gave up before "Coffee break" the other 5 fell by the wayside before after noon break. The union can back the next day in numbers only to find shotgun and rifles aimed at them by 60 recently Honourably discharged .Veterans. They next took us to court to force us to hire the flunkey's. My Dad being a smart and tough Mam made all 75 men PARTNERS