I Still Want My Country Back Wrote:
Feb 02, 2013 2:13 PM
Times have changed, but guess what, there are still tyrants in the world. I don't see Obama arming the Syrians with muskets. Did the Roger Ebert wannabes attack the Benghazi consulate with swords? Those "Neanderthal" Founders were intelligent enough to not get too specific, as I'm sure they knew the world would change. The death of 20 children is no doubt horrific, but so too were the death of millions at the hands of lectures whose solution to undesirables and non-conformists was either a bullet to the head, the gas chamber or starvation. Why did they do it? Because the could without fear of real resistance. The so-called Progressives were born in the early 20th Century and watched it all. Did you learn nothing?