Andy544 Wrote:
Feb 02, 2013 12:56 PM
Faux News and the talking head "conservatives" who are 'getting on board' Rubio's Trojan Horse plan to finish the decimation of Constitutional America (describing in vivid detail the "Emperor's clothes") are also finally revealed their true colors. The real 'con job' on America has NOT been done by the Far Left..... it's quite apparent to all what the Left stands for. The real 'sell out' of America and "con job" has been done by the RINOS and the phony so-called conservative 'media' who claim to be on the RIGHT. I, as a conservative, wouldn't trust Rush Limbaugh any further than I could throw his big, fat, egotistical %$#&. Same for the preening, talk from both sides of their mouth crew over at Rupert Murdoch's "faux news".