Panda Wrote:
Feb 02, 2013 6:36 AM
Couldn't care less. I'm no JW and I don't have any reservations about blood transfusions (unless they come from Marxist wackos--could be contagious). But.... ....I'M A FREE AMERICAN WHO CAN FREELY WORK WHEREVER I FREELY CHOOSE, INCLUDING A FREELY OWNED COMPANY THAT FREELY CHOOSES WHAT KIND OF HEALTH COVERAGE TO FREELY OFFER!!!!!! Do you get it, retard? Do you? Are you capable? This isn't some backwoods Socialist country in the 1800's where I have to work where I'm sent! I have freedom, employers have freedoms, EVEN YOU HAVE FREEDOMS! If they won't cover something, then that obviously affects their overall compensation package, WHICH AFFECTS MY CHOICE OF WHETHER TO WORK THERE. GOT IT, RETARD? ARE YOU CAPABLE???