mleinbach Wrote:
Feb 01, 2013 10:31 PM
Sorry YOU ARE WRONG. Bush and Republicans are NOT Mainly to blame. I will ask you as I have asked many people. And I have hoped that someone would ask Obama this question but so far NO ONE has!! IN WHAT WORLD DOES SPENDING 3 TIMES MORE MONEY THEN YOUR PREDECESSOR (even after a war was totally ended) "CLEAN UP THE MESS" OF SUPPOSED EXCESSIVE SPENDING? You people who think Bush and the Republicans did something to DESTROY our economy, You better realize that they didn't DESTROY the economy, they weakened it. OBAMA DESTROYED IT!! Where Bush could have spent a bit less, If we would have continued on the Bush plan our 2012 deficit spending would have been 264 billion. INSTEAD, since OBAMA is CLEANING STILL, we have 1.1 TRILL Deficit spending