elvis18 Wrote:
Feb 01, 2013 3:42 PM
I GREW UP...... With Mexican kids in Ca. Their Dad / Mom was legal. Hence, they were legal ! My buddies that are still alive(Mexicans) hate the concept of amnesty. And they don't want to be looked at as if they are illegal...so they hate the ILLEGAL IS OKAY! My wife of 45 years is Mexican. When I see her start to soften up a little...I say what does the church teach(LDS) Live the laws! I tell everyone...IS IT OKAY FOR THE ILLEGALS TO BREAK INTO YOUR HOME AND STAY?! Boy, that is another story! The hypocrisy stinks to the high heavens! Show the Latinos we care? We should show them we do care----- care if they break the laws! Our local paper states this a.m. latinos are going to be the dominate group by next year! Time to move.