rrice993 Wrote:
Feb 01, 2013 10:45 AM
IF I were the prime minister of ISRAEL,i would have my planes,make a concentrated low level attack on Egypt airfields,and destroy ALL their planes on the ground,after this 20 plane delivery,they will have 220 F-16 fighters.for the US to give egypt those 200 tanks,with their classified armor,is an insult to American intelligence.stop this tank delivery,and DO NOT send any more of OUR money,to arm our enemies.am I the only AMERICAN to see what oreo is trying to accomplish?? Saul Alinsky,taught oreo,the way to bring AMERICA down is to BANKRUPT us ,,,oreos doing a helluva job of that,we need to hang all those bastards from a tall tree,with a short rope...WHEN IS THE UPRISING GOING TO START???? ive got my weapons locked and loaded,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!