RodT Wrote:
Feb 01, 2013 10:29 AM
Great news on the economy for Barry & his puppets, the reported unemployment number for January is ONLY 7.9%! Whew, that was close. If you happen to read a little deeper in that report, you will find out that all those hard working ,underpaid, public sector union members, reporting this data, had to dig and dig, but they managed to find some “missing” new jobs for Nov and Dec. This is called “revision”, it’s always used to make our messiah’s failed policies look a lot better then they really are. ONLY 8.5 million lost jobs during Barry’s recovery summer that has lasted 4 years now, with 4 more to go. Don’t be surprised if they start counting students as working soon, to keep that number under 8%. They don’t lie - much!