Bondman60 Wrote:
Feb 01, 2013 9:21 AM
I knew Herr Hermann would have a comment about Hagel - his uber-hero - because he rejected the concerns of THE JOOOOZZZZZZ. Here's something for you to ponder, Herr Hermann: Have you read Global Zero? You isolationist crackpots always fall back on the idea that if anyone dared to attack the US on our own soil, we'd just nuke the bums, so we don't need any troops in foreign lands. Okay, I think that's just idiocy, but with Hagel's Global Zero, we wouldn't be able to "just nuke the bums". And the bums will know that, vastly increasing the chance that we will be the ones getting nuked. Your hatred and paranoia about the JOOOOZZZZZ is so overwhelming that you'd rather see America destroyed than allow any support for our Israeli ally.