Radley2 Wrote:
Feb 01, 2013 9:06 AM
So the economists are telling us that things will get better in 2013... Lets forget the big picture, and look at my family budget. So we have a 2% tax increase... that results in $85 less a pay period (that is $2,200 for the year). And we are paying more for gas, groceries and clothes... And now since we are driving less, keeping the thermostate lower and turning off all the electronics that go to standby (yes it takes longer to turn them on, but we use less...) all those companies who we are paying less to are going to increase their prices so that they make the same amount... And we have not seen an increase in pay... in fact its gone down about $1,000 a year since Obama has been in office. Oh, typing his name reminds me, our in