clarityseeker2 Wrote:
Jan 31, 2013 10:07 PM
It's all been a focused phalanx on guns. They are as sure as one can be that it is about the guns. They've said as much. They've spent untold hours and energy in talking about "assault weapons", and every other element of the "hardware". And what do they have to say about mental health? "...mental health solutions alone can't thwart gun violence." So.........don't you effing republicans even dare to posit the notion that this can all be taken care of with mental health solutions. Nuh huh....not gonna let you even hint at that thought. No way. So don't even try. to HuffPo and all of you other breathless progs: No one on the right is forwarding the argument that, "...mental health solutions alone CAN thwart gun violence."