dbyrne Wrote:
Jan 31, 2013 5:17 PM
Bob91: Perhaps there are some facts of history you did not learn...Germany started a war in Europe against long term enemies out of REVENGE from grossly unfair war reparations from WW-1, aka wilsons war...Germany was in ww1 only defending borders and was never a colonial power...they had everything they needed at home....there was the border dispute with France over Alsace-Lorraine...centuries old--not easily settled.. Soros was and remains a Jew... Jewish bankers and industrialists had the chance to help Germany during Weimar Rep. but chose instead to profiteer...they lost big time on that venture...Just go back and read Machiavelli or Gen Patton...War is hell...Soros is on the side of MONEY... he could care less about culture, revenge et