Will208 Wrote:
Jan 31, 2013 4:26 PM
Thomas Jefferson in his writtings about the 2nd Amendment discussed the fact that the citizens should be able to have the same kinds of weapons the government would be using if they came for our guns. What use would the Amendment be if we couldn't use what the government has to use against us, it would be like trying to defend yourself with a flintlock against a M-16, our one shot against their 30 rd. magazine. No one will honestly talk about the reason we would even want a AR-15 with a 30 rd. mag.. It's so we wouldn't be out gunned by those protecting the Capital bldg. as we were going up the steps to get to some leftists office to "remove" him from the government. Not that we want to put 30 rds. into a deer to make sure he's dead.