Isahiah Wrote:
Jan 31, 2013 2:42 PM
Rubio was the FIRST to suggest the oxymoronically titled "Dream Act" Of course b/c an R proposed it Congress didn't pass it- But he LOST my support right then-0 proposes the same and WHAM it's a done deal- libertards, LSM, illegals &their champions eat it up! Not only will R's get ZERO credit for this amnesty which THEY CHAMPIONED FIRST-they will gain NO future VOTERS -Any R that is allowing DEMS to pack the polls with MORE idiot OBOTIC voters is a FOOL& they will also be losing those of us who turned to R party to STOP this madness- None of these illegals want to learn English or pay taxes, none will pay past taxes on their CASH jobs or pay for auto insurance- why would they? they have the cake NOW anyway for FREE.