Sean245 Wrote:
Jan 31, 2013 12:13 PM
I think a flat tax without any deductions, credits or income thresholds is the only answer. I would propose a 1 or 2% tax on all income regardless if someone earns a nickel a year or a billion dollars a second. Then begrudgingly compromise with the Demorats for up to 3% if you have to. If you allow any deductions, prebates or a progressive tax system you hand the leavers of power back to the politicians and once again our tax system would be used to buy votes and modify behavior. I would also propose a national tax payer burden act that would forbid anyone from paying more than 10% of their income in taxes at any level. In other words, if the city charges you 10% in taxes and you pay it, you’re done. The state and federal taxing agencies