tgwWhale Wrote:
Jan 31, 2013 10:05 AM
pow: You are correct: Meinecke is counseling doing pretty much what Romney did, and lost. Obama won largely because people liked HIM (not his policies). It is true that many of the "LIVs" voted because they wanted that free cell phone, and the other candy he handed out to buy votes. But also, people liked him personally, and disliked Romney. Yet by all accounts Romney is a very good man (generous, faithful, hard-working, etc.). Obama is by all evidence a very bad man: a blatant liar, arrogant, conceited, childish, and lazy. He supports looting the productive to play candy-man to his supporters; and he's a baby-killer. Yet people liked O, and disliked Romney. If the other side gets the electorate to hate your candidate, you lose.