Rowdy9 Wrote:
Jan 31, 2013 8:37 AM
"Populate the airwaves. All of them. Conservatives can’t keep talking in a vacuum on Fox News and right-wing radio. We need fresh, new voices to articulate our messages on MSNBC, CNN, “The Daily Show,” Bill Maher, “The View” and everywhere else. Young, diverse thought leaders who are media savvy and watchable should be booked on unorthodox outlets, not just the ones deemed safe and friendly". Is this woman a fool? WE WOULD BE SPOUTING OUR VIEWS ON THOSE CHANNELS IF THEY WOULD HIRE A CONSERVATIVE, WHICH THEY WILL NOT DO BECUASE IT IS A DIFFERENT POINT OF VIEW AND THIER STUPID VIEWERS MIGHT CHANGE THIER POINT OF VIEW. PLEASE, GET ANOTHER JOB BESIDES A PUNDIT--OR ELSE GO EDUCATE YOURSELF