senren Wrote:
Jan 31, 2013 8:21 AM
In case there are some who don't know how the Leftist-Liberals-Democrats-RINO's Bankruptcy-Destruction of the USA works, An illegal alien woman sneeks into the country, has a child, who then is an automatic US citizen immediately eligable for welfare, food stamps, housing, education. Also, up to 35 imaginary relatives become immediately eligable to come to the US under the, "Families Unification Act !" Mexicans pay about $15,000 to be called an aunt or uncle, paid to the baby's mother. They then arrive in the USA w/fraudulent-faked-papers in hand, All 35 get legal alien status, access to $ocial $ecurity, SSI. We're the Stupidest-Idiot-Backwoods-Morons on the Planet for letting any amount of these Treasonous Crimes to Occur-1st-Place !