senren Wrote:
Jan 31, 2013 7:51 AM
This just in: "Obama to oppose Senate bill’s border enforcement requirements for immigration reform." Oh Yeah, Well then the Deals off, John McCain, McAmnesty, is a RINO-Party-USA-Propagandist-Colassal-Liar on this issue ! Don't let him-others get away with their Outrageous Lib-Dem-RINO-Neo-Con-Lying-Propaganda-Lies to the Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Partyers, Independents, women, citizen-voting-masses ! We don't need the Hispano-vote to win elections and we'll never get their votes no matter what anyway ! We need to get the majority of the massive=voting-block of practical-pro-USA-pro-USC, Independent-Libertarian and all kinds of women voters that voted with us in Nov-2010 back on our side now-Nov-2014-Nov-2016-beyond !