kma2 Wrote:
Jan 30, 2013 5:39 PM
Coupala things. I grew up in the Haight before the '60's. ('40's n '50's) Kezar was home to the city's high schools, colleges, and the Forty Niners. I was also at the last game in '71.( And as for the idiot who rejoiced because Gayle Sayers got hurt, well, let's just hope he doesn't procreate.) And lived within walking distance of Kezar most of my life. Great memories. As for the "Hippies", their heyday lasted only a few years. Mostly teenage runaways who rejected all of a civilized society restraints, and embraced the drug culture of the day. But they left in their wake a totally trashed neighborhood that has taken over thirty years to recover. Property values and businesses suffered immensely, in what was a pretty decent,