mary433 Wrote:
Jan 30, 2013 10:57 AM
Don't FORGET the Reagan amnesty was led by the murdering Teddy Kennedy, he is the one that started the whole mess in the 1960's, telling us one culture won't be invading America, ha, ha,ha, LIAR, The "reward" for the Republicans for their slip up is millions more votes for the lying Dems. Bet they won't be vetting them for: 1. Using a fake SS# 2. Using someone else's SS# 3. Using an ITIN number and getting back 4.2BILLION last year alone, they claimed nieces and nephews in Mexico with NO SS# to get back up to 20,000 in some cases, check it out by googling ITIN fraud, they used a loophole and thought they were deserving of it. I say IF they used any of the 3 above deport them with the rest of their illegal family!!!