Bondman60 Wrote:
Jan 30, 2013 9:20 AM
True that, Joe. I watched her senatorial campaign from across the river in Jersey. She goes to a "women's rights" conference overseas somewhere which featured Suha Arafat, Yassir's wife, as a speaker, in English. Mrs. Arafat goes all Arab-Muslim propaganda, and claims Israel is gassing Arab children in the disputed terrirories. After her speech, which Hilary sat through listening the whole time (a decent person would have walked out), she gets up and gives Suha Arafat a big hug. She flies back to NYC where the NY chapter of Hadassa (a left-leaning Jewish women's organization) endorses her for U.S. Senator! Talk about teflon! I hate to say this, but Hilary will be the next POTUS, unless some Reagan-like conservative appears first.